Your Bridge to
Healing & Connections

Looking for a compassionate connection? Craving a gentle pathway back to wholeness? Explore the bridge between realms and find peace and understanding through your journey of grief.

You're here because you feel it, that pull toward
understanding, connection, and healing.

You have those moments when you long to reach across the other side, to connect with those who have moved on, or simply to find your footing in the aftermath of loss.

Through our guided tools and healing conversations — you’ll discover a comforting embrace, a link between realms, and a gentle guide on your way back to wholeness.

Here’s how I can help…

Grief Coaching

“Transform Loss into Love — Your
Compassionate Companion to Healing”
30 min | 1 Session | $98

Loss is tough, isn’t it? It’s like a storm that never seems to end. But what if there’s a way through?

The Grief Coaching Course is a guided journey that turns those raging waves into gentle ripples.

Together, we’ll find the strength in sorrow and the love in loss.

What to Expect:
One-on-One Guidance: 
This is a personal path, and I’ll be right beside you. We’ll explore your feelings, work through the pain, and find a way to embrace life again.
Holistic Healing: 
We’ll approach healing from all angles, emotionally, spiritually, and practically, turning pain into purpose.
Empowering Lessons: 
Through carefully crafted lessons, you’ll find tools, strategies, and insights that empower your healing journey.
Ready to sail towards calmer waters?
I’m here with you, every step of the way.
Let’s start this healing journey together.

Medium Connection with Your Loved Ones

“A Gentle Bridge to Those You Miss”
30 min | 1 Session | $222
30 min | 3 Sessions | $444

Sometimes, healing requires more than just time, it needs a connection that transcends our physical world.

Through a Medium Session, we’ll create a beautiful connection with your loved ones to bring comfort, healing, and peace knowing that they’re still there with you.

What to Expect:
A Safe Space: 
This is a place of warmth and acceptance, where feelings flow and connections blossom.
Personalized Sessions:
This is a place of warmth and acceptance, where feelings flow and connections blossom.
A Guided Experience: 
You’re not alone in this; I’ll guide you every step of the way, ensuring a fulfilling connection.
If you’ve been feeling that tug, that longing to reconnect with those you miss, this is your chance. It’s soothing, reassuring, and completely genuine.

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