If you’re ready to…

  • Nurture yourself and find peace in any situation.
  • Gain profound insights into your past, present, and future.
  • Transform uncertainty into clarity when making a decision.
  • Discover your next steps when feeling stuck.
  • Receive practical advice in every aspect of your life.
Here are the different ways my insightful readings can help…

Grief Coaching

“Transform Loss into Love — Your
Compassionate Companion to Healing”
30 min | 1 Session | $98

Loss is tough, isn’t it? It’s like a storm that never seems to end. But what if there’s a way through?

The Grief Coaching Course is a guided journey that turns those raging waves into gentle ripples.

Together, we’ll find the strength in sorrow and the love in loss.

Medium Connection with Your Loved Ones

“A Gentle Bridge to Those You Miss”
30 min | 1 Session | $222
30 min | 3 Sessions | $444

Sometimes, healing requires more than just time, it needs a connection that transcends our physical world.

Through a Medium Session, we’ll create a beautiful connection with your loved ones to bring comfort, healing, and peace knowing that they’re still there with you.

Intuitive Guidance

30 min | 1 Session | $98

Have you ever felt lost or uncertain about the path ahead?

Whether it’s career, love, life, or anything in between, with our Intuitive Guidance we’ll journey together into the depths of your inner wisdom to uncover insights that feel incredibly personal and relevant to your life’s journey

You’ll gain clarity in decision-making, confidence in your choices, and a sense of empowerment that aligns with your true self.

Finding Your Spirit Guide

30 min | 1 Session | $98

Navigating life’s challenges can feel daunting. But imagine having a spiritual companion by your side, guiding you through the unknown — That’s what Finding Your Spirit Guide is all about.

We’ll bridge this special connection, allowing you to feel and engage with your spirit energy.

You’ll never feel alone again knowing your Spirit Guide is there to light your path, help you make choices, and guide you toward fulfillment.

Past-Life Regression

30 min | 1 Session | $168

Ever wonder who you were before this life or what lessons you’ve carried forward?

Through our Past-Life Regression session, we’ll explore every chapter of your previous existence, uncovering connections that shape who you are today.

You’ll have a deeper understanding of yourself, healing from old wounds, and gain wisdom from lifetimes of experience.

Oracle Card Reading

15 min | 1 Session | $48

Life is filled with symbols and signs, if only we know where to look. Our Oracle Card Reading is like a conversation with the universe, translating these symbols into messages that speak directly to your soul.

You’ll experience a tailored reading that provides guidance, insight, and answers to your current situation.

You’ll gain clarity in confusion, wisdom in uncertainty, and ease in making better decisions.

Chakra Cleansing

30 min Initial | 15 min Check-ins
(Every other day for 2 weeks) | $248

You know those days when you feel like your energy’s out of sync and something’s a bit off but you can’t quite put your finger on it? Chakra Healing might just be what you need.

Think of it as a gentle reorganization of your inner self, getting everything harmonized and in balance — You’ll experience a deeper level of relaxation and self-awareness.

During our session, we’ll work together to align those energy centers, bringing a sense of calm, flow, and understanding back into your life.

Host a Spiritual Reading Party

2-3 hours | 8-10 Participants | $998

Sharing spiritual growth with friends and family can be a joyous and bonding experience. Our Spiritual Reading Party is designed to bring 8-10 of you together on a shared spiritual adventure.

Each participant will receive a reading to gain valuable insights about themselves AND parallel messages from other’s readings.

Gift Certificate for Your Loved Ones

Single or Group Session | Starts at $48

Know someone who would love to explore their spiritual path? Give the unique present of clarity and profound connection.

With our gift certificate, your loved ones can have a personalized reading experience and spiritual wisdom to help them overcome difficulties, find closure, or receive the answers they’re looking for.

Make someone’s journey truly memorable!

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